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'Narco Estado. Drug violence in Mexico' by Teun Voeten (Paris)


From 21 January 2013 until 3 March 2013

For the last three years, the Dutch anthropologist and war photographer Teun Voeten focused on drug-related violence in Mexico. Not only did he bitingly portray the bloody violence but also the disruption to daily life and the action undertaken by the authorities. The result is an impressive book of photos and an exhibition of the same name, Narco Estado. Drug Violence in Mexico.

'Scenes of Wonder - Paris'

Photo exhibition by Marianne Hommersom in Paris


From 11 December 2012 until 18 January 2013

Last summer, fourteen young writers, as well as photographer Marianne Hommersom, went to Paris at the invitation of deBuren and the Biermans-Lapôtre Foundation to soak up life in the French metropolis. Hommersom went out with her camera and composed an intriguing series of photos entitled Scenes of Wonder - Paris. Her photos were on show until 18 January in the Biermans-Lapôtre Foundation House in Paris.

Presentation City One Minutes in Brussels

Look at the whole world in a couple of minutes!


6 October 2010 - 19:00

Video art as a bridge between cities. A visual trip from Ostend to Venice and via Trieste back from Vienna to Brussels. Artists portray the city life of every hour of the day in short movies of one minute. They collect their material on  and in this unique exhibition.

Afghanistan 2007: 'een reis in beelden'


From 9 April 2008 until 30 May 2008

It is difficult not to be silenced at the sight of the wonderful portraits Pieter-Jan de Pue brought back with him from his eventful journey through the Afghan mountains. Without lapsing into exoticism, he portrays the diversity of a country that is often defined in terms of such clichés as women dressed in blue burkas, bearded men smoking opium, and NATO soldiers on patrol.

Willem Elsschot, 'Kaas', a graphic novel by Dick Matena


From 29 March 2008 until 29 June 2008

Matena's drawings will be exhibited in the KMSKA as part of the Elsschot year. It is the first strip cartoon exhibition ever to be held there. The exhibition will comprise 219 drawings.

Friederike von Rauch - 90dagenrotterdam


From 20 November 2007 until 8 February 2008 - TUE > FRI | 11.00 > 18.00

Last winter, deBuren presented the exhibition "90dagenbrussel" by the Berlin photographers Friederike von Rauch and Stefan Wolf Lucks. This season, deBuren is extending its collaboration with Friederike von Rauch. Her photos of Berlin and Brussels suggested to us that Rotterdam would welcome an analogous view.

Wim Vandekeybus - 'Gallop'


From 14 September 2007 until 9 November 2007

Wim Vandekeybus took the photos for this exhibition when he was travelling through Chile and Morocco as preparation for his next full-length film. He travelled around and photographed people and landscapes just as he had visualised them when writing his screenplay.

ILAH - 'Stel u voor'


From 17 May 2007 until 31 August 2007

Inge Liesbeth Alfonsina Heremans' initials form the word ILAH, the name of the slave and mistress in the well-known Flemish comic strip. In 'Stel u voor', deBuren is exhibiting fifty drawings of the genesis of ILAH.

90DAGENBRUSSEL: Friederike von Rauch & Stefan Wolf Lucks


From 15 December 2006 until 19 January 2007 - 11.00 > 18.00

Two cities, two photographers. Brussels and Berlin, Friederike von Rauch and Stefan Wolf Lucks. One story: that of two artists who leave their familiar surroundings for a while to get a different outlook.

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