Who's afraid of the F-word? Katrine Marçal

High time to get rid of the 'economic man'

Caroline Andersson


TUE 20.10.15 | 19:30 > 21:00

deBuren, Leopoldstraat 6, 1000 Brussel

In English

Adam Smith is the father of the homo economicus, the one who is always self-interest oriented. And yet every evening Smith's mother put food on the table, not out of self-interest but out of love. In our economy, care assignments are totally ignored. If women aren't paid then it must be because their work has less value, right? In her new book Who cooked Adam Smith's dinner? Katrine Marçal gets even with the myth of the homo economicus. After a short reading she'll be talking to Kirsten van den Hul (The Change Agent, author (S)hevolution!).


Organisation: deBuren in cooperation with Uitgeverij De Geus and VOK

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