Who is the mother of Vladimir Putin?

Double programme: monologue and documentary


TUE 08.12.15 | 19:30 > 21:00

deBuren, Leopoldstraat 6, 1000 Brussel

Monologue: in English.
Documentary: Georgian with English subtitles

For years there's been this persistent rumour that Vladimir Putin is supposed to be the bastard son of a certain Vera Putina who originates from a poverty-stricken village in Georgia. The Georgian author Lasha Bugadze wrote a monologue about this story and Ineke Smits located Vera Putina and made a documentary about her visit. Prior to the screening Maria Dafneros (Ontroerend Goed, Troubleyn) will recite the monologue. Judge for yourself: could Vera Putina actually be Vladimir Putin's mother?


More about the monologue Putin´s Mum by Lasha Bugadze

Lasha Bugadze (1977) is an author and playwright for the Kote Marjanishvili State Theatre. Aside from that, he produces and anchors literary TV and Radio programmes for the Georgian Public Broadcasting Company. Bugadze is also a columnist for the magazine Liberal and the newspaper 24 Saati. He is the author of 4 novels and numerous plays. Works by Bugadze have been published in Georgian, Russian, Armenian, French, German, Polish and English. He wrote two citybooks for deBuren, one about his hometown Tbilisi and another about Turnhout. Bugadze won several awards. He received the Tsinandali Literary Award for the best play of the year in 1999, the SABA Literary Award for his novel The Golden Age in 2006 and in 2007 the BBC Radio Fiction Award for When Taxi Drivers are Attacked.

Maria Dafneros graduated from the Adelaide Centre for the Arts in 2007. She began her acting career in 1996 with a role in Shine, directed by Scott Hicks. In November 2007 Maria received a Minter Ellison Rising Star Award for her achievements in the performing arts. A few years later Dafneros left Australia and moved to Belgium to join Ontroerend Goed. At present she performs with Ontroerend Goed as an actress and creator in A Game Of You, Audience and ArewenotdrawnonwardtonewerA. Dafneros also works with Troubleyn (under the direction of Jan Fabre) and at this moment she performs in The Power of Theatrical Madness and This Is Theatre Like It Was To Be Expected And Foreseen. With these theatre groups she does not only perform in Belgium, but also in Australia, South-Africa and European cities like Rotterdam, Dublin, London and Rome.


More about the documentary Putin´s Mama by Ineke Smits

Putin´s Mama Ineke Smits
2003 53 min


77-year-old Vera Putina from Georgia is convinced that the Russian president Vlamdimir Putin is her long lost son. In her documentary Ineke Smits is not looking for factual evidence. She focusses on Vera Putina, who tells her heart-breaking story in her home in Metechi. The villagers are all convinced that her son Vova, who was sent away at the age of ten, is in fact the president of Russia. Together they recollect memories about the child with the long face, who always wanted to win wrestling matches. Nobody ever heard from him again after he left as a little boy, not even his mother. The lively Vera Putina makes several convincing arguments why we should believe her claim and in passing she tells us the story of how she lost her son.


Organization: deBuren