Venezuela today

Presentation of a film project and talk on the present Venezuelan situation


THU 23.10.14 | 19:30 > 21:00

deBuren, Leopoldstraat 6, 1000 Brussels

In Dutch

On 22 January 2014 Marianne Cap and Saar Fivez (company Moeder Eik) left for Venezuela to set up a social artistic theatre project with youngsters of Fundación Don Bosco in Mérida. However, continuing unrest in the country left them no choice but to be flexible and turn to filmmaking instead. A discussion with Orlando Verde (Belgian-Venezuelan blogger) and Sasha Ojeda Mendoza (Dutch-Venezuelan political scientist) on the impact of Chávez and the present political and economic situation in the divided Venezuela. At the same time a few excerpts from the film project will be shown in preview.


Organisation: deBuren and Moeder Eik

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