'Uitgever op bezoek': De Geus


WED 07.05.08 | 20.00 > 21.30

Passa Porta, Dansaertstraat 46, 1000 Brussels

In the 'Uitgever op Bezoek' series, deBuren and Het Beschrijf hope to acquaint the public with the literary business. How does a manuscript finally become a book? How does the relationship between writer and editor work? A glimpse behind the scenes at Uitgeverij de Geus, which is celebrating its 25th anniversary in 2008. Publisher Eric Visser, his editing staff, and writers Robert Haasnoot, Johanna Spaey and Annelies Verbeke will give a detailed account of 'their' literary stable. The discussion will be chaired by your host Dirk Leyman (reviewer for De Morgen newspaper and blogger for de Papieren Man).

De Geus was one of the first publishers in the Netherlands with an eye for literary talent in our modern multicultural society. In the mid-eighties it published work by the Turkish-Dutch writer Halil Gür. This was followed by the successful debuts of Kader Abdolah (De adelaars, 1993), Yasmine Allas (Idil, een meisje, 1998), Vamba Sherif (Het land van de vaders, 1998), Veronica Toumanova (Ster, sterveling, 2002) and others. Although they now live and work in the Netherlands they originally came from Iran, Somalia, Liberia and Russia respectively. The focus on cultural diversity is also evident in De Geus' catalogue of translated works, which includes novels by Andreï Makine, Shauna Singh Baldwin, Tahar Ben Jelloun, Patrick Chamoiseau, Assia Djebar, Ha Jin, Malika Mokeddem and Hanaan as-Sjaikh.

In association with Het Beschrijf