The Biographer: Willem Frederik Hermans

Willem Otterspeer on his Hermans biography De mislukkingskunstenaar

Willem Otterspeer © Chris van Houts


THU 07.11.13 | 19:30

deBuren, Leopoldstraat 6, 1000 Brussels

In Dutch

Historian Willem Otterspeer took ten years to work through the immense archive of the Dutch writer Willem Frederik Hermans who died in 1995. Now his task is finally over and De mislukkingskunstenaar, the first part of the biography, is to be published in October, covering the period 1921-1952. The biographer talks to journalist Piet Piryns about his approach and the discoveries that he made. Writer Peter Terrin reads one of his favourite excerpts and talks about his bond with the great writer.

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