Saskia De Coster tells about Winnipeg

© Michèle Matyn


WED 03.03.10 | 20:30

Beursschouwburg, A. Ortsstraat 20-28, 1000 Brussels

Saskia de Coster will spend the month of February in the inhospitable culture colony Winnipeg in Canada. On 3 March 2010 in the Beursschouwburg, she will recite a text about her stay in this austere place. The finissage of the exhibition I wasn't born yesterday, deary by photographer and visual artist Michèle Matyn will take place at the same time at the same location. She preceded De Coster as a resident of Winnipeg. Her exhibition opened at 5 January 2010.

In collaboration with the Beursschouwburg and Plug In Institute of Contemporary Art Winnipeg