Radiobooks: Caroline Lamarche & Kamiel Vanhole


THU 17.01.08 | 20.00 > 21.30

Flagey, Heilig Kruisplein, 2050 Brussels

In 2008 Radiobooks will be recorded on Thursday evening instead of Sunday morning. On 17th January you can attend the recording of Radiobooks by Caroline Lamarche and Kamiel Vanhole. Lamarche's story will be read in French and Vanhole's in Dutch.

Caroline Lamarche (Liège, 1955) has written poetry, stories, radio plays, a theatre play and five novels including Le jour du chien (1996, Prix Rossel), Lettres du pays froid (2003), Carnets d'une soumise de province (2004) and Karl et Lola (2007). Her work is published by the Gallimard publishing house.

Kamiel Vanhole (Etterbeek, 1954) published his first book, Een demon in Brussel, in 1990. Vanhole has developed into an active and committed writer and has set up several literary projects together with Koen Peeters and Elvis Peeters. Apart from novels and stories he also writes plays and criticism and translates.

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