Opening night Transpoesie 2012

Poetry in the Brussels metro


WED 26.09.12 | 20:00

Passa Porta, A. Dansaertstraat 46, 1000 Brussels

In English

As of the 22nd of September Transpoesie will transform your metro commute into a poetical experience, for a whole month. 20 poems from 20 European countries will be displayed on posters in Brussels metro stations in the original language, Dutch and French. Transpoesie 2012 starts on the 26th of September with a literary evening in Passa Porta. Johan de Boose receives the poets Onno Kosters, Xochil A. Schutz, Radu Vancu and Gueorgui Konstantinov.

Organization: deBuren in collaboration with EUNIC Brussels, Passa Porta and MIVB