MO*lecture Martín Caparrós: Hunger

The famous Argentinian writer and journalist Martin Caparrós presents his book 'Hunger'

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WED 07.10.15 | 19:30

deBuren, rue Leopold 6, 1000 Brussel


In English

There are hundreds of millions of people who do not eat what they need: every five seconds a person dies of hunger, malnutrition and disease. Seventeen per minute, 25 thousand per day, more than nine million per year. Such figures, raw data and the naked truth are part of the research presented in El Hambre –Hunger– by the Argentinian journalist Martín Caparrós.

Impactful as these figures are, they are often forgotten. Regardless how painful the stories, collected over the course of a 5 year research, are they do not seem enough to raise full awareness of the fact that extreme hunger is the most lethal problem for human kind. But also the most preventable. Therefore, this book is more than numbers and reports. It is a 600 page essay which attempts to answer many questions, but above all, it aims to find a solution.

Why is there hunger if the planet produces enough food for 12 billion people and it is inhabited by only 7 billion people? Because there is such thing as ‘wealth concentration.’ Why do the numerous initiatives that have emerged to fight hunger have failed? Because there is something called ‘misunderstood charity.’ Notions and concepts related to hunger, insecurity, inequality, capitalism, humanitarianism, power, waste and morality are explored in depth throughout the book divided by chapters which discuss different perspectives.

‘This book has no end’ asserts Caparrós ‘because I am not satisfied with its result, because hunger is ever present.’ However the author does attempt to offer a solution. One that may fail, but as he himself states, ‘fail better and better each time you try’.

Martín Caparrós is a journalist and writer born in Buenos Aires, Argentina on May 29, 1957. His father was Antonio Caparrós, a renowned psychiatrist. Caparrós begun professional writing at age sixteen, shortly after graduating from High School at the Colegio Nacional de Buenos Aires. His first professional job in journalism was with the now defunct daily Noticias. In 1976, Caparrós fled to exile following the military coup led by General Jorge Rafael Videla. In Paris, he obtained a degree in History at the Sorbonne, University of Paris. Caparrós would later relocate to Madrid, Spain. During the early 1980s, he resettled to Buenos Aires and since then he has produced a vast body of work including fiction and nonfiction alike.

Wednesday 14 October 7.30 pm @ deBuren, rue Leopold 6, 1000 Brussel. English spoken. Registration:
Organisation: MO*, deBuren, Wereldbibliotheek
woensdag, 14 oktober, 2015 - 19:30
deBuren, Rue Leopold 6, 1000, Brussels, België

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