Media café | Radio is back ... though it never really left


THU 29.10.15 | 19:30 > 21:15

Zebrastraat, Zebrastraat 32, 9000 Ghent

In English

The success of the podcast series Serial has changed the radio landscape in the US forever. Suddenly radio is reaching a wide audience again, something that cannot be said for our ever-barren radio landscape. And yet something's brewing in audio land. Do we have sufficient potential listeners here to make new forms of radio profitable? Time for a vigourous tête-à-tête with those knowledgeable over the border! With Dutch radio producer Stef Visjager (Radiomakers Desmet), Swedish podcast wonder Kristoffer Triumf (VÄRVET) and Flemish audio talent Katharina Smets (In the dark BE). Freelance radio producer Helena de Groot moderates.

Organisation: deBuren, Fonds Pascal Decroos, VVOJ and Zebrastraat. With the support of VVJ.