...Whose peace will it be?

Film debut in Brussels of a documentary on Iraq


FRI 04.12.15 | 19:30 > 22:00

Cinema Galeries, Koninginnegalerij 26, 1000 Brussels

Film in various languages with English subtitles. Followed by a discussion in English

Film producer Luc Pien collected testimonies from academics, artists and thinkers from Iraq and the Arab world on the past, present and future of the Middle East. The social and cultural tissue and infrastructure in Iraq have been destroyed and the information that reaches us doesn't always correspond to reality. What could the future look like for the country of the Tigris and Euphrates?

Iraqi academics of the diaspora mused on the need for freedom, education and humanity for the Arabic world. Refugees from Iraq and the vicinity exposed the cruelty of the many disasters currently taking place. Western philosophers and authorities were approached, who elaborated how knowledge about and respect for other cultures and people have vanished. Artists explored their belief in other ways to consider society. Civil servants of the United Nations glanced at the interventions of UN in the past decennia.
In what way are we, the West, accountable for the mess in the region? What political actions are to be undertaken by the UN? What are the odds for so called enlightened nations to propose real dialogue respecting the particularities of the people involved?
What means do we have to restore the human and cultural richness of the Arabic world? How to enable people to decide upon their own destiny? What can we do to make Iraq and the whole region safe and viable?
Can distress be reversed into hope?
Whose peace will it be when war is over?

All these questions led to a film full of options and possible futures.
We do not show the atrocities from ongoing wars: we are all too aware of them. We do not show the unbearable and self-defeating aspects of human behavior.
We let people speak for themselves in their true colors. Fiction meets reality in poetry of the image and in esteem of the human kind!

A Brussels premiere followed by a "chanson de geste" by Charles Ducal, a discussion with Hans von Sponeck (ex-UN and diplomat, Iraq expert), Yasmine Jawad (Middle East Expert) and others. Lieven De Cauter (KU Leuven and RITCS) moderates.

Organisation: BRussells Tribunal and the Wizard in collaboration with deBuren


19:30 welcome and opening remarks by Lieven De Cauter
19:35 screening ...Whose peace will it be?
21:00 discussion and Q&A, with Luc Pien (director), Hans von Sponeck (assist. Secretary-General, UN), Yasmine Jawad (Iraqi scholar)
22:00-22:30 drinks offered by deBuren


Buchet Jean Marie

re: ...Whose peace will it be?

By Buchet Jean Marie 14/11/15 (4 years ago)

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