Eros and the human vulnerability #4: Tinneke Beeckman

Sigmund Freud and the primal urges


SUN 24.06.12 | 11:00

Filosofiehuis Het zoekend hert, Koninklijkelaan 43, 2600 Berchem

In Dutch

The series of ten lectures titled ‘Eros and the human vulnerability' is organized in the framework of the 100th birthdays of novelist Louis-Paul Boon (1912-1979) and philosopher Leopold Flam (1912-1995). Tinneke Beeckman, lecturer at the VUB and coordinator of the Centrum voor de Studie van de Verlichting en het Hedendaagse Humanisme, analyzed the radical ideas of Sigmund Freud on the impact of Eros on both our primal urges and our ways of thinking. Happiness is essential when it comes to the meaning of life, according to Freud, but happiness is dependent upon the gratification of our sexual lust. Freud, on the relationship between the individual and culture, states that: ‘civilization is nothing more than the taming of the animal, and it is precisely this process that has made this animal neurotic and vicious'.

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