Dirk Verhofstadt, Joseph Pearce and Erwin Mortier

Dirk Verhofstadt


SAT 10.10.09 | 20:00

Bibliotheek Tweebronnen | Auditorium, Diestsestraat 49, 3000 Leuven

In Belezen en Goedgekeurd (Read and Approved) it’s the turn of those people who, while not being involved professionally with literature, still love to read a lot. Our guest, Dirk Verhofstadt, is best known as a sharp liberal thinker, although he also writes literary reviews. He has invited Joseph Pearce (Land van belofte) (The promised Land) and Erwin Mortier (Godenslaap) (Sleep of the Gods) to discuss literature with him. Hosted by Piet Piryns (Knack).