Debate: literature in the picture

Dick Matena (c) Serge Ligtenberg


WED 01.03.06 | 20:00

deBuren, Leopoldstraat 6, 1000 Brussel

discussion in Dutch

As part of the exhibition of the work of Dick Matena, deBuren will hold a debate on strip cartoons and literature. Are cartoons like De Avonden and the soon to be published Kort Amerikaans an enrichment of literature, or are they in a category of their own? Is the literature-based strip cartoon a revolution in their development or does it offer very little that is new? Is a writer allowed to have any say in the depiction of his work? And what about foreign literature as a strip cartoon and how do people respond to this? Has the literary strip cartoon made the cartoon salonfähig?

Moderator: Geert de Weyer (strip cartoon expert and journalist for De Morgen). Panel: Willem de Graeve (assistant-director of the Belgian Strip Cartoon Museum), Jan Baetens (lecturer in Literature as Culture, Leuven University), Dick Matena, Joost Pollmann (organiser of the Haarlem strip cartoon festival, writer, curator of the Dutch Strip Cartoon Museum in Groningen).