'De Literaire Loketten' | citybooks Turnhout

Š Kakha Kakhiani


WED 10.04.13 | 12:30 > 13:30

De Loketten van het Vlaams Parlement, IJzerenkruisstraat 99, 1000 Brussels

In Dutch

In 2012 Turnhout was cultural capital of Flanders. deBuren made its own contribution by inviting both national and international writers to write a citybook about the pearl of the Kempen. Walter van den Broeck, Lasha Bugadze, Maxim Februari, Peter Terrin and Chika Unigwe wrote stories about the city that can be read and listened to on www.citybooks.eu, Kakha Kakhiani took 24 photos. Karl van den Broeck talks about the project and holds interviews.

Organization: deBuren and the Flemisch Parliament in collaboration with Turnhout 2012