'De Literaire Loketten' | citybooks Charleroi: Pascal Verbeken & Erik Lindner

Pascal Verbeken © Koen Broos


WED 09.05.12 | 12:30 > 13:30

De Loketten van het Vlaams Parlement | IJzerenkruisstraat 99, 1000 Brussels

In Dutch

Pascal Verbeken (Arm Wallonië, Grand Central Belge) and the Dutch poet Erik Lindner spent their citybooks residencies in Charleroi. Verbeken wrote a story about 'le pays noir'. Lindner wrote a series of poems featuring phrases like ‘elektriciteitskabels steken door het trottoir' (electric cables stick up through the pavement) ‘voor even een regenboog boven het kanaal' (for a moment there's a rainbow above the canal). The authors recite and talk about their experiences in Charleroi, their takes on the city and the creation process of their citybooks.

Organization: deBuren and the Flemish Parliament

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