Crazy about Elsschot. The auction of item 1: Elsschot's bed

A mercantile literary event concerning serious matters in favour of charity

Michiel Hendryckx


THU 28.10.10 | 20:15

Bernaerts Kunstveilingen nv, Verlatstraat 16-22, Antwerp

In Dutch

'Het echtelijk bed vind ik de meest geschikte plaats voor het bespreken van ernstige aangelegenheden. Daar ben je tenminste alleen met je vrouw. … en daar was het dan ook dat ik, toen ik goed op mijn rechterzijde lag, na een inleidende stilte aan mijn vrouw zei, dat ik koopman ging worden.’

‘I think the marital bed is the most suitable place to discuss serious matters. For that is the place where you are truly alone with your wife ... and it was in that place, after settling down comfortably on my right side, that I, after an introductory silence,  said to my wife that I was going to be a salesman.’

Willem Elsschot in Kaas

Over a period of 9 weeks (SU 5.09 - SU 31.10) Klara will broadcast "Zot van Elsschot" (Crazy about Elsschot), a radio series presented by  Pat Donnez, cultivating the madness an author can provoke. But it can become even crazier. After an elaborate quest, we found the bedroom and the bed of  Elsschot. That bed will be auctioned for a charity at an evening entirely in the spirit of  Willem Elsschot and Alfons de Ridder. With a lot of familiar faces from the literary world, the corporate environment and refined entertainment. Auctioneer: Mon Bernaerts. Presentation: Pat Donnez.

A collaboration with Klara, deBuren and 'Stad van Elsschot'

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