citybooks: Arnon Grunberg

Grunberg recites and will be interviewed by Annelies Beck

Eva Pel


THU 13.12.12 | 20:00

De Markten | Spiegelzaal | Oude Graanmarkt 5, Brussels

In Dutch

Due to circumstances Arnon Grunberg wasn't able to come to Brussels this summer and we had to cancel the get-together in June. But he promised to come in the autumn. On the 13th of December, the time will have come!

Arnon Grunberg resided in Lublin for two weeks in the beginning of 2012. This college town in the eastern part of Poland is one of the partners of citybooks, a project initiated by deBuren and supported by the European Committee. Grunberg recites from his citybook about Lublin in De Markten and will talk with Gudrun De Geyter (VRT - Klara) about his experiences in Poland and the creation process of his story.

Organization: deBuren in collaboration with De Markten

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