'Broodje Brussel': Saskia de Coster


MON 05.05.08 | 12.30 > 13.30

deBuren, Leopoldstraat 6, 1000 Brussels

Saskia A. J. de Coster was born one wintry morning in 1976. She had already had nine months in which to think about her Boeck dat De Weereld zal veranderen [Book that will change the world] and got down to work immediately. During her childhood years she did a lot of writing. At the age of eleven she won a national story competition. She was awarded the title of Junior Journalist and then decided to give it all up. A period of passionate experimentation with paint and video followed. When she was eighteen her private god appeared to her at a crossroads in London. She promised him she would write a Great Book, but first spent some time concentrating on her literary studies. She then went to Vancouver, where she discovered the very pen she had abandoned so many years before. From then on she wrote non-stop.

Her first book, Vrije val, was published by Prometheus in 2002. Jeuk and Eeuwige roem followed in 2004 and 2006 respectively. Her latest short story is entitled Held (2007).

Saskia de Coster is a wizard of images and words, a born raconteuse and a master of extravagant fantasy all in one. She is a member of the main editorial staff on the periodical Dietsche Warande en Belfort. She writes a column called 'Big Deal' for De Standaard newspaper. She is also involved in video, including work for Z33, and writes the lyrics for musicians like Daan Stuyven and Dez Mona. She has written for the theatre company Crew and plans to write and direct a play for  fABULEUS. She works regularly with artists, a recent example being only recently with Pieter Vermeersch for the Cera Foundation's 'Tegenlicht' project. What nobody knows is that Saskia de Coster is secretly working on a book object that releases its words when you strike it. 

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