'Belezen en Goedgekeurd': Willy Kuijpers


SAT 11.10.08 | 20.00 > 21.00

Bibliotheek Tweebronnen, Diestsestraat 49, 3000 Leuven

In Belezen en Goedgekeurd (Well-read and Approved) people who at first sight have little to do with literature come and talk about their favourite books. We have given them a lot of leeway: the books can have been written in Dutch or another language; they can be works of fiction or non-fiction. Willy Kuiijpers was a member of the Belgian federal parliament (Chamber as well as Senate) and of the Flemish and the European Parliaments. He has been mayor of Herent since 1995, with his local party WIJ.

In collaboration with Bibliotheek Tweebronnen


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