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deBuren collaborates in Utrecht with the Stichting de Vrede van Utrecht (VVE) and the Stichting Literaire Activiteiten Utrecht (SLAU). citybooks Utrecht started on the 1st of April 2010 when South-African author and dramaturge Brink Scholtz took up residence in this city. Jeroen Olyslaegers will stay in Utrecht as of the end of May and Ronald Giebel will make the City One Minutes: twenty-four short films of one minute each, illustrating the 24 hours in a day. Poet Astrid Lampe, a citizen of Utrecht, and poet and translator Onno Kosters who works at the University of Utrecht, will take a look in a couple of interesting neighbourhoods at about the same time: off the beaten track and facing the hard reality of the street. Photographer Lisa van Damme will follow their example in the summer. Davide Longo will also spend part of the summer in the Netherlands. He will stay from the 15th till the 30th of July in Utrecht and will travel subsequently to Amsterdam to stay there in August on invitation of the Nederlands Letterenfonds.

citybooks Utrecht: Brink Scholtz and Breyten Breytenbach


13 April 2010 - 20:00

The South-African author/dramaturge Brink Scholtz is the first writer residing in Utrecht. She meets one of the most prominent South-African poets: Breyten Breytenbach – a man whom she gave a flower as an eight-year-old...

citybooks Utrecht: Work in Progress!


8 June 2010 - 20:30

citybooks is a new grand project by deBuren. Authors Jeroen Olyslagers, Astrid Lampe and Onno Kosters talk to Anna Luyten (Knack) about their experiences and may already demonstrate their work in progress!

'Uitfeest': preview citybooks Utrecht

With the poets Onno Kosters and Astrid Lampe


12 September 2010

As part of the ‘Uitfeest’ in Utrecht, a platform for peace is installed at the Domplein by ‘Stichting Vrede van Utrecht’. On the platform, poets Onno Kosters and Astrid Lampe will recite from their citybooks Utrecht for the first time.

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