VIDEO: Erdogan supporters and opponents clash in debate about tradition, modernization and gender in Turkey

Written by deBuren on 12 August 2014

Picture posted by Hazal Naz BesleyiciRecently the Turkish Deputy Prime Minister Bülent Arınç – a member of Prime Minister Erdogan's Islamist AK party – suggested that women should no longer laugh in public. A storm of protest followed. The incident marks the division in current Turkish society, in which followers of Erdogan and his religion-based policy are diametrically opposed to the "Kemalists", the Turks defending the modern and secular Turkey 'father of the nation' Mustafa Kemal Atatürk dreamed of. Due to Erdogan's victory in the presidential elections last Sunday this secular Turkey will remain a dream for now.

Within the framework of the WoWmen! festival, deBuren and Kaaitheater organized a debate 10 March 2014 on whether the tension between tradition and innovation in Turkey  is representative of what is happening in gender issues. It was a heated debate between pro and contra Erdogan. With Bernard Bouwman (journalist and correspondent in Turkey), Ece Temelkuran (writer and political commentator), Meryem Ilyada Atlas (columnist and journalist), Zeyno Pekünlü (artist) and Ilyas Odman (choreographer and dancer). Moderator was Sara Van Boxstael (VRT).

Picture posted by Hazal Naz Besleyici


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