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Written by citybooks on 30 September 2015


citybooks are *FREE* short stories about cities written by famous authors and up-and-coming literary talents. Perfect for on your e-reader, or for a lazy listening session on your mp3 player. Let the power of imagination carry you all over the world! From Bucharest to Stellenbosch, the list of citybooks cities is expanding.


Currently, an international party of writers is successively visiting the Westhoek to create a city portrait in words and images about Ypres, 100 years after the Second Battle of Ypres. The English translations of the citybooks on Ypres will be published on this fall; you can already discover the city through the 24 photos by German photographer Oliver Leu.

All these unique stories on cities have been translated or will be translated in English. One of the more recent stories now available in English is the fascinating citybook BureauGrotesque - A Sad Tale of Scarton from Endland (sic) by Sheffield* author (*also a citybooks city!) Tim Etchells. His citybook is a melancholic, exciting vortex of associations, impressions, language games and meta-reflections about and inspired by Lisbon.


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