citybooks downloaded 45,000 times in July & August

Written by deBuren on 6 September 2012

In September, the final two publications of citybooks will appear in the Flemish newspaper De Morgen. Wednesday 5th of September’s edition featured Peter Holvoet-Hanssens De missie in Oostende (The Mission in Ostend), and the following week’s will see the turn of Marjolijn Februaris brand new citybook about Turnhout, Ondergrondse fuifzaal (Underground Party Room). Following its De Morgen publication, Ondergrondse fuifzaal will also be published at, alongside the English and French translations.

Thanks to the publication of citybooks in De Morgen and on the website of De Groene Amsterdammer, more and more people are discovering these unique city portraits. And our download figures confirm that a half-hour citybook audio book is the ideal holiday literature: in August alone the podcasts were downloaded more than 26,000 times!

TOP 5 (July and August 2012)

1. Arnon Grunberg (Lublin): A Reported Offence
2. Thomas Gunzig (Charleroi): The Reservation
3. Onno Kosters (Graz): Gravity and Counterweight
4. Abdelkader Benali (Sheffield and Skopje): Down and Dirty in Sheffield and Warrior on a Horse
5. Lasha Bugadze (Tbilisi): A Song for Tbilisi

TOP 5 (January 2012 until now)

1. Abdelkader Benali (Sheffield and Skopje): Down and Dirty in Sheffield and Warrior on a Horse
2. Bernard Dewulf (Ostend): Snippets from Ostend
3. Simone Lenaerts (Graz): A Scrap of Time
4. Saskia de Coster (Skopje): One-Hundred-and-Forty Kilos of Love
5. Toast Coetzer (Grahamstown): I am Sitting in the Sea


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