A new initiative will burst out of the starting blocks autumn 2016

Written by Ann Overbergh on 11 August 2016

Encounters and knowledge sharing between culture and media professionals from Flanders and The Netherlands!

A new initiative will burst out of the starting blocks autumn 2016: the Kennisknooppunt (knowledge junction) deBuren will immerse itself in questions on matters of culture, society and media in Flanders and The Netherlands. We'll organise new meetings and discussions, and publish online and print reports. Where indicated we'll deliver thorough policy recommendations. The Kennisknooppunt will not function in isolation, but will rather link up with partners in Flanders and The Netherlands.

FR 02.09 | 14:00 > 17:00

On the 2nd of September, Kunstenpunt, Het Theaterfestival and Kennisknooppunt deBuren will present ‘day of the programmer,' a meeting day for the theatre sector in the low countries. The theme: Flemish-Dutch exchanges in the stage arts. Figures published by Kunstenpunt and DutchCulture speak clearly about how the dynamics of collaboration in the fields of production and presentation. Accounts of programmers cast light on the artistic dynamic on both side of the border. Colleagues from North and South discuss new ways to broaden the reach of productions. Working groups will investigate various topics, including de Brakke Grond's and deBuren's joint plans for future collaboration, and the support of talented makers of new work for the stage.

FR 11.11 | 15:00 > 19:00

The 11th of November will play host to a meeting day for the Flemish and Dutch pop, rock and sonic arts sectors, organised by the Kennisknooppunt deBuren, Gonzo (circus) and November Music. We'll explore themes like the mobility of musicians, strategies for low-to-no-budget promotion, and more. Complementarily, there will be a private view of a sound art exhibition at the Kruithuis, curated by Matteo Marangoni (IT/NL) of iii, and the club night ‘Plug': the newest electronic beats alternating with performances from, among others, Pierre Bastien (FR) and Jo Caimo (BE).


we're working on a project that seeks to optimise the direction of cultural organisations in Flanders and The Netherlands, inviting talented young writers to present to us the underground art and music scenes of Flemish and Dutch cities (in collaboration with Gonzo (circus)), and we're paying more attention generally to various societal issues currently occupying the low countries.

We will be reporting in detail on all of this and more in the course of the autumn.



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