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Get the most out of your lunch break!

Written by deBuren

Escape your daily work routine with titillating lunch time activities! One address for your lunch break: deBuren, Leopoldstraat 6, Brussels! deBuren is all ears recharges your batteries with a wide range of musical genres. Enjoying music with a big bowl of steaming soup. Cook & Look presents theatre, documentary and lecture during lunch. Salivating already? Don't delay, book a ticket today!

A new initiative will burst out of the starting blocks autumn 2016

Written by Ann Overbergh

A new initiative will burst out of the starting blocks autumn 2016: the Kennisknooppunt (knowledge junction) deBuren will immerse itself in questions on matters of culture, society and media in Flanders and The Netherlands. We'll organise new meetings and discussions, and publish online and print reports. Where indicated we'll deliver thorough policy recommendations. The Kennisknooppunt will not function in isolation, but will rather link up with partners in Flanders and The Netherlands.

Joint cultural capital: Frankfurt am Main

Written by Wim Vanseveren

As always, we'll present an exciting mix of established talent and young makers in deBuren's 2016 autumn programme. Literature, radio, podcast and debate. It'll be an autumn programme heavy on language, between Brussels and Amsterdam, and from Paris to Frankfurt. Because that language is what we share.

The other side of Molenbeek

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During the last day of the New Europe City Makers Summit, City Makers discussed the future of City Making in a number of different sessions. The Neighbourhood Community session discussed initiatives from Brussel. The neighbourhood Molenbeek, got the chance to share their story. A program made in collaboration with deBuren.

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